Woman Drops Out of PhD Education To Become a Third Wife

By on September 16, 2014

Who would have thought a PhD holder  in engineering at one of the world’s leading universities, would abandon her education and  enter into a polygamous marriage?.

Nabilah Phillips dropped out of Cambridge to become one of three women married to a 32 year old businessman and charity worker, Hasan Phillips.

And yesterday it emerged that Nabilah, 35, is among thousands of Muslim women entering into such relationships, illegal in the UK but allowed under Sharia law, which permits men to have four wives

A new documentary, The Men with Many Wives, exposes the rise in these unions – there are believed to be as many as 20,000 in Britain – and the dating agency, Muslim Marriage Event, responsible for setting many of them up.

Having already been through a divorce, Nabilah, originally from Malaysia, signed up to a similar matrimony service specifically looking for a married man.

She told the programme: ‘I was looking for someone who had been married or was already in a marriage.

‘I was married before and having gone through one divorce, you kind of know what you want in marriage, so I wanted someone who already knows how to be a husband.THE MEN WITH MANY WIVES

‘I really enjoy being in a polygamous relationship. If people can see what the greater benefit is, we are not stupid people who are forced into this type of relationship.’

It was through this service that she met Mr Phillips – also divorced but re-married to City worker Sakinah, 33 – and decided to abandon her studies to become his second wife.

The wives occasionally meet, when Mr Phillips – who also works for a charity aiming to spread the word of Islam – organises family outings and Nabilah admits the green-eyed monster does rear its head – and her husband is usually to blame.

She said: ‘I’m not the jealous type of person, if I do get jealous it’s usually his fault. If any problem happens between co-wives it’s usually his fault. Praising somebody too much. “Why don’t you be more like her, she’s this, she’s that. If he didn’t say that, we would all be happy.”

Nabilah has two children with Mr Phillips – who has six in total – and now helps run his import-export business but abandoning her academic career was not her only change after she married. She also began wearing the Muslim veil, the niqab

She told The Radio Times: ‘I wanted to wear one before I got married – being married to Hasan has given me the opportunity to wear one and be steady at it. The only prejudice I have met so far has been from other Muslims.’

During filming, Mr Phillips, who converted to Islam from Christianity when he was 16, marries a third woman, Somalian-born Anub, 41 – who had also never worn the niqab until Mr Phillips requested she do so – who said: ‘A brother who has a wife is already more responsible than one who hasn’t.’


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