Tonto in another Mess as she faces a possible Ban by Ghanaian Film Industry

By on September 7, 2011

Will we ever cease to hear controversial stories about our beloved Tonto! The actress has once again landed herself in another hot mess.

Recently, during the shooting of a movie, it was learnt that Tonto Dikeh insulted Ghanaian top actor Van Vicker during a shoot. Details leading to the outburst from Tonto were not really clear, as nobody seems to know exactly what called for it.

Eye witnesses claimed that it all started when Tonto was urged to do a joint rehearsal with the Actor, which is only normal, as they have been having separate rehearsals. Instead of seeing reason with this, Tonto expressed a nonchalant attitude toward the gesture and in the middle of it all, lit a cigarette. This did not go too well with the actor (Vicker) as he tried talking to her to put off the cigarette or do the smoking out of location, and in her rage, our dear beloved Tonto rained insults and abuses on Vicker even threatening to hit him.


This was totally out of place as even the actor himself was dumbfounded at the whole situation.

Now due to this insult, word has it that the actress may be banned from either acting in Ghana or featuring in any Ghanaian movie, so she has been urged to either apologize to the star actor as well as the Ghanaian film industry or stand a chance of loosing out on being part of their movie makers.

Van Vicker is a top and well respected actor in Ghana, and as such it is expected that he be respected like any other Nollywood star. The industry has declared that it would take no such nonsense from any star in particular as they have even gone as far as threatening  to sanction any producer who feature the actress in any movie.

For now there are no moves yet from Tonto on whether she would be lowly enough to apologize or if she would decide to call it all bluff. Reports have been made already to the Actors Guild of Nigeria and I hope they take a positive step.

Really if you ask me, I think such action was totally uncalled for, yeah we know Tonto is a hot actress, but then Van Vicker is an actor I totally respect and I think Tonto should have known better.

It could take the snap of a finger to get your career all crumbling down if you don’t get your act right, so try putting yourself together girl.




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