‘The President Has Failed and Will Continue To Fail’- David West

By on June 21, 2014


David-West, former Minister of Petroleum, in an interview with Satur­day Sun pointed out his displeasure at the state of the nation and the tenure of President Goodluck Jonathan. He made it known out that he is ashamed and embarrassed as a Nigerian and Ijaw man to see Jona­than as the president of a country where things are not done the right way. He also announced that the president has failed and will continue to fail

He pointed out that as a PhD holder, he expects the president to show good examples to others who are not fortunate to be as educated as he is. “I am a full breed Ijaw man and the president’s kinsman. But I will not fail to tell him the truth. The president does not behaved like a PhD holder and those who sup­port him are deceiving him. Can you see what is happening in the country today under his leadership? In fact, I am ashamed and embarrassed that Goodluck Jonathan, my fellow Ijaw man is the president of this country because he is not doing well.”

The Professor of virol­ogy cited some areas where according to him the presi­dent failed in his duties as the number one citizen of Nigeria. “Could you believe that Sanusi was haunted by the president because he tried to expose corruption? And after sacking Sanusi, he was made the Emir of Kano to show how good he is. Un­fortunate enough, the pres­ident refused to congratu­late Sanusi as the Emir of Kano. Instead, before the Emir was announced, the president went to congratu­late the wrong person, to show the kind of leader he is. In fact, that is funny and embarrassing”, he stated.

The elderstateman also accused the President of sponsoring the Petroleum Minister, Diezani Alison-Madueke to become the Secretary General of OPEC, a position she does not know much about.

He also condemned the president’s action against some APC governors who were billed to visit Ekiti State on Thursday, to sup­port their counterpart, Gov­ernor Kayode Fayemi.

“Such ban is undemo­cratic and unconstitutional. In fact, the president has done a lot of things against the constitution. The gover­nor of Ekiti will be elected by the Ekiti people, not by Jonathan or Abuja or Bay­elsa or Rivers. Jonathan cannot win all these battles he is declaring against gov­ernors and the media all over the country.”

David-West also frowned at the recent clamp down on the media, pointing out that a war on the press is a war that no government all over the world has ever won. “For the president to wage war on the press shows he does not know what he is doing. He forgot that no government waged war against the press and won. The president should know he needs the press more than the press needs him. In every democrat­ic setting, press without government is better than a government without a press. I do not want him to be disgraced in office. But he has done a lot of things that warrant that.”



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