T.I— “Floyd Mayweather F*cked Up My Hand In Vegas Fight!”

By on May 28, 2014

What! But we saw it; we saw Mayweather beating the hell out of T.I all for is LOVE…. TINY!


In recent reports flying around everywhere, T.I and Floyd Mayweather were allegedly involved in a “I’ll beat you up!” fight at Las Vegas Fat burger on the Sabbath day… Sunday!


T.I and Floyd Mayweather and their entourages started fighting when T.I, an American rapper thought there something fishy was going on between his wife Tiny and boxer, Floyd Mayweather, who was just at Fat burger to celebrate his daughter’s birthday.


However, in a recent Instagram video, T.I said he didn’t fight with Mayweather, rather Floyd “f*cked up his hand”!

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