Son of Int’l football legend, Pele, sentenced to 33 years for money laundering

By on June 2, 2014
A judge in Praia Grande, in Sao Paulo state of Brazil has sentenced Edson Cholbi do Nascimento aka Edinho, the third son of legendary footballer Pele, to 33 years imprisonment for laundering money raised from drug trafficking.
This is not the first time the 43 year old goalkeeping coach will be sent to jail for drug related issues. In 2005, Edson was arrested and served a sentence for drug trafficking offences and links with a notorious drug dealer in the city of Santos. Edson has denied the charges of money laundering but admits he has a problem with drugs.
He was convicted alongside four others including a man accused of controlling much of the drug trafficking in the region – Ronaldo Duarte Barsotti, known as Naldinho. Reports says he’s most likely to appeal the judgement soon.


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