Shan George, UK promoters on collusion course over son’s new song

By on September 1, 2014

Actress Shan George is, angry at the moment over the release of her son’s singles by his British promoters without her consent even though the track entitled Edo Boy is making waves.

According to reports, Jaga’s song entitled Edo Boy was not screened by Shan who doubles as his manger before it was released hence she is angry.

She also complained that the song is too long and may give her problems when she shoots the video, since most TV stations in Nigeria don’t take in music videos that exceed a certain number of minutes.

Stating her own side of story, Linda Jacks, Head, Babylynn Promotions, London said “The song wasn’t given to the artiste’s (Jaga) manager before release, because when we released Jaga’s other song Mborotwo months ago, Shan George gave out the song to too many people before release date and that affected monitoring the progress on the song. That is the reason our company decided not to give out the song to anyone before release date,” Jacks concluded.

Reacting to the brouhaha between his mom and the promoters, Jaga said, “‘I’m doing good music, the two ladies should be dancing instead of fighting.”



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