Professor Abdulrasheed Na’Allah Backs Nollwood Studies At Kwara State University

By on December 3, 2014

Professor Abdulrasheed Na’Allah the Vice chancellor of Kwara state University Malete, announced plans by the institution to establish a centre for Nollwood studies as part of it drive to make the school centre for the study of culture in Nigeria.

Professor Na’Allah dropped the hint while delivering his address at the second KWASU conference on African Cinema with the theme “African Cinema and Supernatural” held in Ilorin. The vice chancellor said the proposed centre was a step further in the university’s drive to make the school a centre for study of culture in Nigeria, haven established a film village that served as workshop scholarly part of the school’s programme.

Professor Abdulrasheed Na’Alla said the conference, which is hosted in the school of performing and Visual Arts, is “parts of the larger ambition of this university to build bridged in matters of culture between scholars and ambition of this University to build bridges in matters of culture between scholars and those who produced culture outside the university”.

He said the institution assembled the international body of culture experts and some of the famous directors in Nollywood including Tunde Kelani and Lanceloty Imasuen to the second Kwasu’s conference so as “to bring theory and praxis under one roof and inculcate into our students a holistic creative scholar impulse”.

Professor Abdulrasheed Na’Alla added,
“As part of our drive to make Kwasu the centre for the study of culture in the Nigerian University school system, we will move our ambition a step further. With your help, we plan to established the centre for Nollywood Studies. This centre will be one of the finest places to study the Nollywood phenomenon. We look forward to welcoming you here very soon to inaugurate this centre.”


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