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Welcome to Nollywood Life as a contributor. You are on your way!

Nollywood Life is a gossip magazine.The Juicier the story, the more readership it attracts. The more the readership we get, the more we can charge for advertising and the more money YOU can make. We do however believe in truthfulness. We don’t mind embelishment, but there has to be some element of truth in all stories you write. So do not make up a complete lie.


Our Competitions
These are the sites we compete against and would like to beat. Never copy anything from these sites word for word.
The following are our biggest competitions:
Nigerian Films

Things you should know.

1. It is important that you Post often. It is important that you are consistent.A story every other day is good but if you can do more than that, that is even better. You are not restricted.

2. Pictures are the cornerstone of every story on NL. So every story must have as many pictures as possible. the mimnimum is one. And the pictures must be sharp and crisp. No dingy or blurry pictures. Every story must have a featured image (picture). If you can add more than one picture that will be even better.

3.The featured picture must be the size of: 420 X 471 . This is a must. No exceptions.The reason is that is the size of our slider. If you have image editing software like Photoshop, you can make a picture 420X470. If you don’t have an image editing software, you can edit your pictures online at any image editing website like :
The pictures have to maintain their quality without squizzing or bloating. when you go there, upload the image there and use the “crop” tool to get to the dimensions we want – 420 width X 470 Height without squizzing or bloating on the picture. It might take you a few tries to get the hang of it.

You can get picture of any celebrity by going to, type the name and when you get the result you click on “image” on google, just under the bar.

4. Always write on current issues. Nobody is interested in old or outdated stories.

5.Do not duplicate stories. You are working with several other contributors on NS. If a story is already on NL, do not write it again.

Here are some questions and answers:

Can I copy a story from other websites?
Yes. You can write a story that exists on other websites as long as YOU GIVE CREDIT TO ORIGINAL SOURCE.  Remember: Websites have a right to their content, but they don’t have a right to the actual story.

Can I use the picture from other websites?
Only if you cannot find another picture of the celebrity. Example: You found a cool story about Genevieve Nnaji on another website. This Story has the Picture of Genevieve. You want to write the same story on Nollywood secrets. Can you do that?.
The Answer is Yes. First you write the story. And then go to and type Genevieve Nnaji. And click on “images” and you will see hundreds of picture of Genevieve Nnaji. Choose from there. And use the picture(s) for your story. Never use the picture if it has a water mark of other websites on it.

Posting your story on NL is easy.
(1)Log into NS by going here:

Cick on Post

(1)Post the title of your story
(2)Enter the body of the story
(3)Choose a category that most describes your story
(4)And then click on “featured Image” so you can add your “featured image” – Must be 420 width and 470 Height. You may add any other image(picture) in the body of the post by Placing your cursor where you want the image and then click on “add media” on top and choose the picture from your computer. Remember that other images does not have to be 420 X 470 ( only featured images have to be)
(5) Enter the tags for your story, seperated by commas. tags are like keywards that describe your story. The only tag you never use are “front slider”, Because if you use it, that will put your story on the front slider. Only editors can put story on the front slider.
(6) click publish to publish your story

This may be the beginning of something great for you! Now go publish your stories!


There are two types of sliders on NS. The one on front page and the one on category pages. If you add a story on NS, it will show up an the slider of the category that you put the page. That is OK. However, only one of our editors can move that story to front slider. The only way a story is on the front slider is if you add “front slider” on the tags. Please do not do that. Our editors look at your stories and can then decide to add the tag to move it to the front slider.

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