Pasuma Wonder VS Saheed Osupa: Who is taking over Fujidom?

By on August 24, 2014

Due to its nature, fuji music like hip hop generates a lot of controversy and at the forefront of this crisis is the pair of Pasuma Wonder and Saheed Osupa, two former close allies.

Embroiled in rivalry and superiority war which includes the use of abusive lyrics, violent eruptions among their fans and personal confrontations, their fight has defied several peace efforts by prominent Yoruba personalities. But the endorsement of Osupa in 2008 by Dr Sikiru Ayinde Barrister as the king of the genre, as well as his controversial installation as the Olu Omo of Mushin by His Royal Majesty, Oba Fatai Alieru, only exacerbated an already tense situation. And to make matters worse, the rivalry has infected their fans, iwho clash at the slightest provocation.

While Pasuma’s fans hail him for bringing fuji closer to the younger generation through the infusion of hip hop, Osupa’s fans give him kudos for promoting Yoruba cultural values by not digressing from the original fuji tradition. A while ago, Pasuma opened up a new front in their intractable war when he held a concert in Ajegunle tagged Taking Over, spurring rumours that it was a subtle message warning Osupa that he (Pasuma) was set to take over Osupa’s strong hold and by extension, fujidom.

This week’s edition of Showdown settles the dispute once and for all as Nigerians determine which of the pair is really taking over Fujidom.


Wasiu Alabi Odetola aka Pasuma Won­der was born and brought up in Mushin, Lagos. Popularly hailed as Ogannla, the indigene of Kwara State started showing signs of taking up a musical career while in secondary school and was said to have adopted the name Pasuma Wonder after the CEO of Heavy Sounds, Adeola Omo­tayo, likened his energy on stage to en­ergy derived from an enhancement drug called Pasuma Strong. Pasuma came into limelight after the release of his debut album entitled Recognition in 1993. In 1994, he released a follow-up album, Choices, before his hit album, Orobokibo, was released in 1995, which earned him several awards inclduding the award forThe Best Fuji Artiste of The Year. He also emerged winner of Best Versatile Artistte of the Year 2012at the Yoruba Music and Film Academy Awards (YMFAA).


King Saheed Osupa aka KSO was born in Ajegunle, Lagos, to a musician father, late Alhaji Moshoodi Okunola. He hails from Ibadan and started music as a teenager. Today he has over 25 albums to his credit. Osupa’s first album, Fuji Fa Disco, which he released under the imprint of Alasco Films & Records, was a huge success that prepared grounds for his current thriv­ing musical career. Osupa attended The Polytechnic, Ibadan, and later moved over to the United States of America where he studied Computer Networking. He is said to have trained and inspired many young, up-and-coming fuji musicians including Muri Thunder and Kamoru Ishola. Today, his fans claim he is the only fuji musician that still sings fuji in its original form. He has won various awards including Best Fuji Musician of The Yea in 2009 among others.

…And the people’s verdict:

Its neither Pasuma nor Osupa

– Laide Badmus, sales representative

Neither Pasuma nor Osupa can take over Fujidom. The shoe is too big for the both of them. Pasuma is a star in his own right no doubt and the same goes for Osupa. But as for taking over Fujidom is concerned, none of them is qualified.

Leave them alone – Rotimi Alias, Opa Akure

Please, you people should leave Pasuma and Osupa alone. Do not create unneces­sary bad blood between them and their fans. Anything you can do to stop it would be highly appreciated. Please allow them to face their careers peacefully.

Pasuma will take ove– Obafemi Lawrence – businessman

Pasuma has been reigning for the past 25 years. He is still reigning and will surely take over fujidom. He is a blessing to Nige­ria and the Nigerian music industry; he is the next king of fuji.

Give it to Osupa – Adeyemi Nasiru­deen, Abuja-based businessman

I was born in Mushin but I’m now based in Abuja, so I know both Pasuma and Saheed very well. I used to be Pasuma’s ardent fan but now, Osupa has taken me away from him. The truth is that Osupa’s songs contain more meaningful messages and advice. His fan base is also bigger than Pasuma’s; Osupa istaking over Fujidom.

Pasuma is the Baba – Muyiwa Adewale, CEO, Smooth Rentals

Everybody who knows about real fuji music will tell you that Pasuma is the real Baba of fujidom. As of today, everything about fuji revolves around him. So anybody mentioning any other name to you is just fooling you and himself; Pasuma remains the king of fuji.

I give it to Osupa

– Patricia Olatunde, trader

As for me, Osupa is taking over because his songs always have wonderful lessons. One usually learns one thing or the other but that cannot be said of Pasuma’s songs. Pasuma’s songs always come with noisy rhythm so I give it to Osupa; he is the fuji king.

Don’t create enmity with Show­down – Oni Oluwole, technician

I would advise that you stay action on your proposed Showdown on Pasuma Wonder and Saheed Osupa. Please, don’t bring up this fuji thing again to avoid cre­ating enmity between their fans because many of them are not educated. That topic could stir up trouble because most of their fans may not understand your concept and engage themselves in another war.

Osupa is seriously taking over – Kayode, (Oyo Alaafin), businessman

Pasuma’s time has passed. Osupa is seriously and surely taking over fujidom. Pasuma should leave the stage for the new generation and Osupa represents the new generation.

All hail Pasuma– Wasiu Adebiyi, commercial bus driver

It is said that seeing is believing. Go and take a look at the collections that I play in my bus. You would not see any fuji album that isn’t Pasuma’s? For me, if it should be fuji, then it must be Pasuma; that’s my principle. And over the last 15 years I have been in this business it has been so. There has never been a day that I played Pasuma’s songs and my passengers requested for another fuji artiste’s song. That tells you how much people love and accept him.

Osupa greater than Pa­suma – Rasheed Francis

Do you know how violent and troublesome Chelsea fans can be during EPL seasons especially when they are playing against Manches­ter United? That is the best way to describe Pasuma Wonder’s fans. Many of them are violent and that is a reflection of their master’s personality. Pa­suma and his fans always have a pen­chant for employing all sorts of means to provoke Osupa and his fans. But no matter how much they rant, Osupa will forever be greater than all of them joined together. Osupa has been occupying the fujidom stool for years and he will continue to be ahead of Pasuma.

Pasuma carries the day –Taiwo Aderanti, restaurant operator

Pasuma is more talented and richer than Osupa. So the question of who takes over fujidom shouldn’t even arise. Pasuma started well ahead of Osupa and luckily for him, he has done more songs and amassed more wealth than Osupa. Even judging by what our customers discuss about these artistes, Pasuma usually carries the day.

Pasuma should yield to Osupa –Toyosi Adelabu, teacher

Even Pasuma knows that Osupa is the man to beat. That is why he is always afraid of being run underground by Osupa’s ever soaring fame. But the thing is that the more he schemes, the more Osupa soars. Osupa is set to take over fujidom and the earlier Pasuma accepts this fact, the better for him and his fans.

Pasuma is the best – Matthew Fashiron, painter

If you want to know how popular Pa­suma is, go and take a look at the number of awards he has won. Let me tell you; it is not about politics but about seeing and believing. Pasuma has done a lot for the fuji family, Yoruba land and Nigeria as a whole. Please, don’t be deceived by those who play politics with the truth; Pasuma is the best living fuji artiste.

Pasuma can never take over – Kunle Johnson

Even if Pasuma is the greatest musi­cian in the whole world, he cannot take over fujidom because he is not quali­fied. Moreover, Osupa is more talented, more creative and more acceptable than Pasuma. Probably,  Pasuma and his fans are suffering from high fever or malaria or even Ebola. They shouldn’t dream of taking over fujidom because it is not meant for them.

Osupa is already wearing the crown – Wale Oduoye, businessman

Let me ask you, have you ever watched live perfor­mances or music videos of both artistes? If you have, why then are you asking about who is taking over? Do you earn kingship by jumping about on stage? Definitely no! We know who the cap fits and that person is al­ready wearing it. That person is Osupa and there is no vacancy in fujidom kingship.

No rival for Pasuma – Keni Adefuye

Pasuma Wonder is in a world of his own. He has no rival at all. Anybody that feels he can equate himself with Pasuma as far as fuji music is concerned should show his pedigree and let the whole world see it. Pasuma has gone far in the fuji business such that the question of who will take over fujidom is unneces­sary in the first place; he took over long ago and he is still firmly seated there.

Osupa, more talented – Kayode Francis, accountant

Osupa is more talented than Pasuma. He has also done more international tours than Pasuma. The issue is not about who started first but about who is presently impressing lovers of fuji music more. Pasuma is a great artiste but as we speak, Osupa is greater than him. What I don’t understand is why Pasuma should always allow superiority fight to occur between him and Osupa when it is said that the prayer of every good father is that his son should do more exploits than him. So, Pasuma should always endeavour to play good fatherly role because whether Osupa accepts it or not, Pasuma started before him and will always be his father in the fuji family.

Pasuma is greater than Osupa – Taiwo Tunde, bus conductor

Why are you even asking such a question? Is it only you that don’t know that Pasuma was the one that trained Osupa? Do you go about listening to Osupa’s trouble-seeking fans? They know us now. If somebody gives you trouble, wouldn’t you pay him in his coin? For your information, Pasuma is the only fuji king that we know.

Pasuma is authentic Oba of fuji music – Tim Adeyinka, undergraduate

Personally, I don’t recog­nise Osupa’s awards because some of them were politically purchased. Don’t ask me how because as a journalist, you are supposed to have all the information. And the ones given him by the late Dr. Ayinde Barrister and Oba Fatai are typical examples. But till tomorrow, we know that Pasuma is the authentic Oba of fuji music.


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  1. moruff ayinde

    September 5, 2014 at 11:31 AM

    I am listening to both of them,but base on reasonable song (OSUPA) is the best

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