Oge Okoye Launches Crystal Glam Beauty Product

By on June 2, 2014
Oge Okoye Launches Crystal Glam Beauty Product

Oge Okoye Launches Crystal Glam Beauty Product

Oge Okoye, Nigerian Nollywood actress, born in London, she graduated from the Nnamdi Azikiwe University with a degree in Theatre Arts, is to launch a beauty line ‘Crystal Glam‘ soon. Oge who has been posting a series of photos of the products which will be hitting stores soon, announced via her official Instagram page that products include foundation, concealer and lip pencils. In one of the photo, Oge outlines the creative direction of the beauty line.

Crystal Glam brings to you that make-up tips and products you desire to know as we unleash our make-up products ranging from concealer, foundation, primer, lip sticks and lip pencils/lip pumice/lip seals and eye pencils to bring out the celebrity flawless look in you

Worry not spending extra on mat tidying powder as our brand contains it all. We are opening soon and our depot are in Lagos and London. Buy your Crystal Glam product and get a free makeover from our celebrity make up artist and photographer (Vegold) “Perk Up Your Look” by crystalglam#ogeokoye.

Oge Okoye’s fans won’t have to wait too long for their first look of the products, Oge shared a few images recently.


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