Nigerians own most houses on London’s most expensive street?

By on June 3, 2014
While speaking at the launch of his grassroots initiative to fight diabetes and high blood pressure on Saturday in Port Harcourt, Philanthropist and chairman of New Nation, Charles Dukwe said 70% of homes on London’s most expensive area, Edgerton Crescent is owned by Nigerians. He said that UK citizens including international stars can’t afford houses in that area because they are very expensive.

“There is a street in London; it is called Edgerton Crescent. Edgerton Crescent is the most expensive street in the world. Houses there are worth £3m to £4m. British celebrities that have money don’t buy houses on that street. They will tell you it is too expensive. But 70% of the houses there are owned by Nigerians” he said

Is this true? Any ex-governor’s son/daughter who can verify this? *straightface*


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