News on Olisa Adibua: Beats up Junior colleague, Apologizes officially

By on September 12, 2011

Sometime last week, it was news everywhere that one of Nigeria’s top on-air personality, Olisa Adibua who runs the Morning Rush on Beat FM, beat up a junior colleague.

Did I hear me say what the heck..?? It is even worse that this happened right in the working environment.

From reports of eyewitnesses and the victim himself by name Adewunmi Oyekanmi, it was gathered that trouble started for Adewunimi who works as a night editor, when he was spotted taking a nap on the couch after rounding up his duties. Immediately his “Boss” Olisa sighted him, he pounced on the guy, beat him with objects and even destroyed his phone. He even went to the extent of threatening to fire anyone who tried to stop him.

As I am writing this, it keeps baffling me that a so-called enlightened public figure would stoop so low as to engage in such a horrific act of battery, and it even baffles me more on what must have triggered his action. Is it that he just didn’t like the dude and have been waiting for an opportunity to deal with him, or he just got off being high on some drug or something (that in itself is no news).

It was not made exactly clear why Olisa took it so hard on the poor dude, but one thing for sure is that, no matter what, especially coming from someone like him, it is VERY improper to batter a fellow man regardless of whatever influence he might have had over him.

It is rather sad to hear of stories where people are victimized just because they are regarded as a “nobody” by so called superiors.  More surprising, the victim in response to question from the concerned public  has declared that he will allow the case go, that he allowed his “boss” beat him up without defending himself because he could not afford to loose his job. More annoyingly, he said he accepted the fact that he is a “nobody” with no money and nobody to fight for or defend him.

Imagine the trauma and the pain this so called junior staff must have passed through as a result of this unfortunate incident.

Colleges of Olisa at Beat FM gave reports that this is not the first time he has assaulted a fellow worker, both physically and verbally and it must be put to a stop. It was also learnt that Olisa has been on indefinite suspension as a disciplinary measure.

Below is an official apology letter from Olisa himself.

“ As has been widely reported I was involved in an altercation with a work colleague during the week. I am deeply regretful of what transpired and have taken full responsibility for my actions. I have privately apologized to my colleague, the team that I work with and I am taking this opportunity to apologize to the public at large.

As humans we all make mistakes and I made a major one which is completely out of character. I over reacted to a situation and that is something that will never repeat itself.

Despite being at the centre of a media feeding frenzy, I’ve been silent in order to allow the organization, to which I’m affiliated with and at who’s premises the incident occurred, to carry out its investigations and come to a conclusion but most importantly to allow the aggrieved party (Mr. Adewunmi Oyekanmi) time to accept my heartfelt apology.

While the events have been distorted, I am very apologetic about the situation but picking holes in the media reports or pointing out the falsehoods will not be useful, however, any kind of loss of control is not excusable and I have since tendered an unreserved apology to ‘Dewunmi. I have always preached against violence and so this is a time for some reflection. Again, I apologize and I thank ‘Dewunmi for accepting my apology.

I would like to thank the hundreds of people who called me and those who sent in messages

For more than 20years now, I’ve operated in the Electronic media sector without a blemish but by this action, I have let myself down and most importantly I’ve let Family, Friends and the millions of people who look up to me, down.

To those who have been clamoring for my response, I thank you for your patience and understanding.

Thank you very much and God Bless”.

Olisa Adibua

Cases of battery are never to be taken lightly, and certainly not in the working environment, very unprofessional. It really is a big shame on his part as his action has generated a lot of criticism from the public, in fact what was he thinking?

I do hope his apology is sincere and he means every word of it.


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