My kind of nudity must not be undignified —Saeon

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Her real name is Seun Oni but she has chosen to go by Saeon as her stage name. Delectable, seductive and a bit of a liberated woman, Saeon is showing the attitude and the right talent to remain for long in the music industry. At least, her Boogie Down number is a strong attestation to that.

In this encounter as our Showtime celebrity, Saeon is as explosive as she could be, showing the attitude that has launched her into the consciousness of music lovers, talking about her music, her relationships, love, nudity and more.

What prompted the name Saeon?

I didn’t want to go by my real name which is Seun Oni, so we picked the letters from my names; Seun Eva Omolara and added the first two letters of my surname, to come up with the name ‘Saeon’

What was your state of mind before you were signed on to a record label?

I wanted to get grounded in the Nigerian music industry and also understand the business side of it .I did that for about three years and when I was ready to get signed on the label approached me. It was at the right time.

Before you got signed to Baseline what were the challenges you faced as an artiste?

Some of them were financial because I had to fund myself. With the help of my family who came handy I was able to get on but it was a bit difficult. Then another challenge was having a team to work with. I didn’t have a huge team to work with. So, it was kind of difficult. But I am glad I went through that process because now I know the basics of how to survive in the industry.

With your hits Boogie Down and Awada Erekere, are you still trying to find your sound?

No, I have my own sound already. I am just a very versatile artiste. Whatever genre you see me do I can make it work .I am primarily an R n B artiste but when I got into the Nigerian music industry, I discovered there was a particular sound to Nigerian music, so I decided to dabble into different genres.

What I do now is a fusion. I fuse R n B with afro-beat   and   pop. Those two songs just show my diversity as an artiste. I will love to believe I came correct on those songs regardless of how different they are.

Are you developing your sound to suit the trend of music in the industry?

Absolutely. I have to think of the market and what the fans want to hear. In as much as I have my own sound which is very international, I believe if I want to break into the Nigerian music industry mainstream I need to do songs that will make them pay attention to me.

What has music done for you?

First and foremost, it has given me freedom to be who I want to be. Music has given me freedom,   freedom to express myself. It has gotten me a fan base and media attention

What drives you?

What drives me is a mix of passion, fame and hard work.

Don’t you want to make money?

Fame comes with money; it’s like my 9-5 kind of job. Obviously I am making money from it.

Have you ever experienced any wardrobe malfunction?

I went for an event where I wasn’t supposed to perform but was supposed to honor the invitation. I sat on a raffia chair that put a hole on my dress. It wasn’t that obvious though


Was it obvious to the audience or not?

When I stood up it wasn’t really obvious but I noticed it. It was obvious to me and I am very self-conscious, so I was embarrassed.


What has music not done for you?

I think there is nothing music hasn’t done for me because the three things that drive me are music, kids and international relations. And it’s obvious that music helps you to relate well with people you get to meet people from different age brackets


What price have you paid for your music career?

I have had to miss a lot of family events. Thank God for my family, they understand and I have had to make them proud by completing my education first. When it was time for me to start music professionally they were on board with me. Any opportunity I have, I try to go see them and try to speak with them because family matters to me. It has prevented me from being with my family as much as I would love to.


What is that one thing people hardly know about you?

I am a fitness junkie. I live to work out

How long did it take you to record Boogie Down?

It took me like 20 minutes besides the mixing

What did it cost you to feature Wizkid in the song?

We just expressed it to his camp, and I guess he did some researches on me, came back to say yes and that was it.

Did you have to pay?

I am just going to laugh. That will be my answer

Can you go nude in a music video?


You know nudity is not always about going naked. You can be nude and still be covered up. So, as long as it’s not in-dignifying, I am fine. My family supports my music career and I won’t do anything to disappoint them. If it is for a good cause, I should be able to as long as it’s not compromising. You can go nude and create awareness for a cause. There are ways it can be worked out, you can go nude and have a long hair covering the necessary parts.


Can you quit music for your relationship?

No, I will never quit music for my relationship. Such a person is never going to be my man. I will never tell anyone not to do what they are passionate about as long as it’s legitimate and music for me is legitimate enough. If anyone will be with me they have to understand I have priorities. I am not going to ask someone to stop what they are doing .Even if I get married and have babies I am not going to stop music although my priorities may change. I still see myself doing music at the age of sixty, seventy, by God’s grace.

What is the craziest thing a fan has ever done to you?

I was mobbed at a COPA event in Lagos. I had gotten off stage when it happened. While I was on stage they were singing my song ‘Burst My Brain’ with me, it was very heart-warming. It was amazing to know people actually know the lyrics of the song and they were calling my name Omobadan while I performing. When I got off the stage, I wanted to go and say ‘Hi’ to a friend and while I was talking to him, a bunch of guys ran towards me and jumped on me. I was actually scared. They mobbed me.

How do you to maintain your voice texture, because some musicians drink chilled water and still have a melodious voice?

I actually chew ice but it’s a case of different strokes for different folks. I try to do voice lessons and I just started it this year. It has made me to understand my voice better and it helps me to control my vocal chords. If there is any musical note I can’t hit, it’s because I haven’t practiced it.

Can you clear the air about your alleged relationship with Uti?

He is my friend, a very good friend. I have known him for a couple of years. He supports me, I support him

Are you in a relationship with him?

I have a friendship relationship with him. We are very good friends.

What are your favorite   qualities in a man?

I have to be attracted to him physically, mentally and emotionally. A body-building kind of guy because I love to keep fit. I want someone who is passionate about what he does and a man after God’s heart.

What do you consider as the sexiest part of your body?

I think it must be my eyes. After my eyes, it should definitely be my legs. I used to be called ‘Leggy ‘

What is your definition of a sexy woman?

A sexy woman is a woman that is confident in her skin; someone that has a voice and not afraid to speak regardless of whom is she talking to.

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