Mom who served in the Gulf War creates ‘genius’ app that will shut down her son’s phone when he ignores her calls … and now all parents can buy it.

By on August 18, 2014
  • Sharon Standifird, of Houston, Texas, decided to create an app that would force her son Bradley to answer her calls and texts
  • She started researching and met with a developer
  • Together they produced Ignore No More, available now for $1.99
  • It allows parents to deactivate their child’s phone completely until they call back
  • A deactivated phone can still dial 911


You don’t want to mess with Sharon Standifird.

Fed up with her son’s failure to pick up the phone when she calls and his ability to never answer her texts, the discerning Houston mom decided, with the ways of modern technology, surely she could do something about it.

‘I literally just started researching how to develop an app,’ Standifird told CBS.

Once she started, Standifird didn’t stop, and after a few months of designing the application and then meeting with a developer, the result was Ignore No More.

The app allows Standifird to deactivate the phone belonging to her son, Bradley, after installing it onto his iPhone.

Bradley requires a password to reactive the phone, which only his mom has.

He cannot call or text anyone but his mom when Ignore No More is activated.

The phone will let him dial 911, but it won” t let his access internet or games                                                        Bradley needs to call me because I’m the person that has the unlock password,’ Standifird said.

Her husband William said he is not surprised at the capabilities of his wife, who served in the Gulf War.

‘Pretty much anything she sets her mind to she does,’ he said.

Standifird said the app had made an immediate difference in being able to contact her son.

. To ensure his phone is not shut off, Bradley has been responding to every text and answering his mother’s girls.

‘I thought it was a good idea, but for other people, not me,’ Bradley told CBS.

Ignore No More is available only for Android phones via Google Play.


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