Miley Cyrus Relationship Meets Strong Disaproval by Boyfriend’s Mother

By on December 25, 2014

Patrick Schwarzenegger and Miley Cyrus have been dating for three months.

But it appears that his mother Maria Shriver does not approve of the relationship, according to a new report

The 59-year-old reportedly has concerns about Miley’s behaviour and her influence on her 21-year-old son.

A source confirmed ‘there is friction’ between Shriver and the young couple, who are both children of famous parents.

‘Maria told Patrick the more she hears about Miley the more she’s concerned.’ the insider claimed.

Miley, however, has reportedly been on her best behaviour around the TV journalist, and even made sure to dress more modestly for family get-togethers around the Schwarzenegger and Shriver households.

Another report says Maria has allegedly banned Miley from attending the annual Kennedy Christmas party.

Shriver, who is the cousin of assassinated US President John F. Kennedy, reportedly ‘doesn’t want her there and won’t budge.’

Boyfriend's mum, Maria Shriver

Boyfriend’s mum, Maria Shriver

A friend told Life & Style. ‘She doesn’t think it’s appropriate to have Miley around the rest of the Kennedy family. Patrick insists on having her there – or he will not come.’


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