Joseph Benjamin Tenders End-Of-The-Year Apologies to Broken Hearts

By on December 23, 2014

Actor, Joseph Benjamin has taken to Instagram to tender his apologies to whoever he must have hurt and hearts he must have broken. The divorced father of two has this to say:

“#Realtalk #Maninthemirror #Letsbereal #Brothersletskeepittogether. This is me being real, and using this medium to apologize to every girl out, there that I must have hurt by no intents of mine. My life is a steady onward journey, I am learning everyday and every phase of my life teaches me. I fall and rise, and only made righteous by God, not by any good works I have done or will do. Please do accept my sincere apology, if I have never said it face to face. This is a public platform and hey if I am ashamed of who I was, and willing to let go of that and become a better person. I don’t think I should be ashamed to say it and become stronger”



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