I was approached by lesbian – Kadiri

By on June 26, 2014

Fast rising Nollywood Actress, Ruth Kadiri revealed that while she was studying at the University of Lagos, she was approached by a lesbian lecturer.

In an interview with iCampus Newspaper, Ruth condemned Lesbi, saying she can’t imagine dating a fellow woman as it is immoral and ungodly.

She stated that the lecturer whose name is withheld was not extreme about it, but she made it clear what she wanted from Ruth.

Speaking on how she got the lecturer to stop asking her out, she said “I became her daughter’s friend and that was the way out for me”.

On dating, she said, “There was a time I broke up with a guy. He thought I broke up with him because he was broke, but I broke up with him because he couldn’t handle being broke, that’s another factor that break up marriages and people don’t understand. When you see a guy who has money, he is a jolly good fellow, he meets all your needs, but have you thought about how the guy will handle being broke? Have you thought about how the person manages financial maturity? We need to know that when there is no money, you cannot die from being broke.” 


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  1. precious

    June 27, 2014 at 9:24 AM

    True talk

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