‘I Wanted to Kill Myself’-Actress Halima Abubakar

By on November 17, 2014

Earlier in the week, popular actress, Halima Abubakar, on her instagram account, hinted that she almost committed suicide last year. She posted a picture on the social media page with the caption, “I remember this time last year I wanted to kill myself, I am glad I did not because I know it is straight to hell. But I was suicidal, I am happy to be in a better place. God I adore you.”

Sources have alleged that the Kogi-born actress actually wanted to take her own life due to ‘man palaver.’ However, when Saturday Beats contacted the actress concerning the allegation, she denied it. She said she wanted to commit suicide simply because she was “depressed.”

She however, refused to give details concerning what led to her depression.

“Sorry I don’t want to share the experience, I have been talking about depression for a long time. I don’t want to have an interview,” she said.

Probably bitter that none of her close friends commented on her post, she referred to them as “fake friends.”

She later posted. “Thank you all for your support, I truly appreciate it. None of the people that I know personally has commented. It shows how fake their friendship is. Thank God I made this post, God bless you all.”


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