I Used to Be Very Stubborn as a Child-Mercy Aigbe

By on October 30, 2014

Nollywood yoruba actress talks about growing up Here’s what she has to say;

Growing up for me, I can say it wasn’t easy because my father is a very strict man, my father is not part of the people that would spare the rod when it comes to disciplining his children and I used to be very stubborn although I have changed now but when I was young I used to be very stubborn so I got flogged a lot by my father, it wasn’t easy for me but those morals he has instilled in me has actually been helping me in life.

It wasn’t easy because in my house we have a lot of rules to adhere to, a lot of don’t do this don’t do that. When I was young and still with my parents I used to think my father was very wicked but when I look back now I understand why he had to do all those things and where he was coming from.

I use to have my way around my parents because I was very stubborn. Although i play pranks on them and i get away with it (laugh) but am a changed person probably because am a mother now.



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