I never insured my boobs for $1.6m –Cossy Orjiakor

By on August 30, 2014

Exhibitionist, singer and actress, Cossy Orjiakor, has sensa­tionally denied insuring her oversized jugs for a whopping $1.6m (N240m) with an American Insur­ance company after re­ports that she did just that went viral on social media earlier in the week.

“The story is not true. There was no time I insured my boobs for that kind of money; that’s ridiculous. Please, I want my fans to ignore that story. Stuffs like this gets written about me all the time. I guess it’s just some jobless blogger who put this up and instead of verify­ing before going to press, he or she just posted the lie and before you say Jackie Robinson, these false stories are trending and assume a life of their own,” the actress said in a telephone chat with The Entertainer.

Commenting on Enhanced Silicon Incorporated, the company said to be behind the bogus deal, Cossy added: “I don’t know any company by that name; I have never heard of Enhanced Silicon Incorporated.”

Cossy hit limelight in 2004 after she performed erotic dance steps for one of Obesere’s videos marketed by Bayowa. Overnight the project became a hit and ever since, Cossy has continued to hug the limelight. To date, the sex kitten has released a couple of singles, starred in a dozen movies and runs her own private business and has been the focus of numerous controversies.


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