I lost my hubby to my best friend

By on December 18, 2013

Actress Gloria Mba has narrated how she lost her husband to her best friend.

Losing one’s husband to someone least expected can be very painful and for Gloria, she didn’t believe such a thing will ever happen to her as most of such events are encountered in the movies, but the actress disclosed that she caught her husband ‘in the act’ with her best friend and this made her to pack out of her matrimonial home, thereby abandoning her husband for her so called friend. Below is her experience:

Have you encountered lesbianism in Nollywood?

Yes, I have and I was very firm with them. We can be playing but when it gets further than necessary I won’t tolerate it. When you are not a man, why should you be touching my sensitive parts? What do they see in it? But it’s their choice. I am not against them; just don’t come close to me.


What’s your relationship now with your best friend who ruined your marriage?

I haven’t spoken to her for more than a year. I don’t have anything against her; God is my witness. I saw her once at Shoprite in Surulere. I don’t keep grudges for long, because if you are holding down someone, you are holding yourself down too. I wish them all the best.

A lot of marriages break up in the industry, how do you intend to safeguard your next marriage?

From my experience, I have learnt something and I will use that as a yardstick. All marriages can never be the same but I have always wanted to be a wonderful wife.

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