Graduate Who Held Up a Sign Advertising Himself Finally Resumes Work

By on September 9, 2014

Alfred Ajani, a marketing graduate who went radical by holding up a sign advertising his skills to commuters at waterloo station,England, after 300 failed attempts at getting a job following his graduation in may has finally resumed work.

This 22 year old held up a sign reading-‘Marketing Graduate, Please ask for a CV’. He was signed up for a job by one of the directors who approached him.

On resumption he was heartily welcomed by his new colleagues in Tshirts saying-‘WELCOME FRED”ajani alfred

He added: ‘The job is one I wouldn’t have got if I hadn’t gone to the station that morning, so I advise anyone out there who is in the same position I was to think of more direct ways to speak to employers.’

That dude sure has a fighting spirit in him.



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