Grace Ama Talks after being away for so long.

By on September 10, 2014

Grace Ama has been silent in the movie industry for a while. In this interview with REPORTER, Lukmon Akintola, she tells us why and many more


Your story is that of the Nigerian actress who travelled abroad and shut down her career, is it a positive story?

It was a fantastic experience for me because like I always say, there is a time for everything. There is a time for every journey one has to go through in life and for me that was a trip I had to embark on at that particular point in time and I am back to my work which is in the movie industry.

In as much as you call it a fantastic experience, some people will argue that it won’t sell in the cinemas, do you agree?

Well, it depends on the perspective from which they are looking at it. Everybody has a right to his opinion, but for me, it was a fantastic journey and I have no regret whatsoever.

What have you been up to in recent times?

I have been around, I have been in Nigeria, I have been everywhere and I have also been taking care of my child, my family and also working as well.

Is it not surprising that you say you have been working because next to nothing has been seen from you in terms of movies?

I have been working; it’s just that the movies are not out yet.

Can you please tell us a couple of the movies you are talking about?

I have been working, but I don’t really know what titles the movies will be coming out with.

Besides acting, what else have you been up to?

I am also into other businesses outside the movie industry.

Tell us about these businesses?

One of them is the project 4NL. I have also been involved in some charitable courses. I was made an ambassador of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA).

Tell us about your role with 4NL, what is it all about?

I am in a group called 4NL. It means For New Lagos, For New Nigeria. We are starting with our immediate community, which is Lagos State. As time goes on we will move to other states. We know people are tired of what is going on in our state and in extension our country and we all can’t just sit back and watch from home and expect someone to go and effect that change. We need to come out and lend our voice and that is why  some of my colleagues and I  have come together to put up a group known as 4NL.

Is this not a sponsored gathering?

We are not politicians, but like I said to you, we cannot sit down at home and expect people to do the right thing for us.

So, why then are you identifying with Jimi Agbaje instead of preaching the gospel generally?

Our identification with him is basically because we believe he can give us the new Lagos we want. We are behind someone who we believe can deliver the goods, he is the only credible person we have seen among those who have come out to declare their desire to contest.

Away from 4NL, you are currently caring for a toddler, what is motherhood like?

It was a fantastic experience. I am saying this for a lack of a better word to express what it really is like. We thank God for the strength and the fact that I am alive to tell the story. It has been a wonderful experience and the best thing I have ever experienced in life, having to have a child to call you own.

You have two people who are dear to your heart presently, how do you cope with the husband and child contesting for attention?

I am not married yet. He will be my husband when he puts a ring on my finger. So, when he does that, he has to manage it properly so that there won’t be problems. For now, I will say that he is grown up and I have a little one who needs to be shown love. I know how to share it and my son is going to take a better part of it because he is a new child who needs to be pampered with love. He doesn’t know what it is all about and so I have to show him, nurture him in a way that it should be.

It is every woman’s wish that a man puts a ring on her finger, how soon do you expect yours to happen?

As soon as God wants it, it is beyond my power and it will only happen when God wants it. I work with God.

Is the man who is going to put a ring on your finger going to be the father of your child?

By the special grace of God

You don’t seem to be ready to settle down because one would expect you to urge the man to do it soon.

It will happen at the right time. Marriage is not a thing that you rush into because if you rush into it, you will rush out of it. It is another world on its own so you have to prepare for it.

What is so special about this man?

The fact that he is a God fearing person, he is caring, loving and he is everything. I won’t ask for anything else.

Can you find a word to describe the birth process?

The birth process is a fantastic journey and this is because I don’t want to use another word.

Despite having a child you still look like a young lady, what is the secret?

It is God. People see me and say you haven’t change. The truth is that I don’t have a daily beauty routine and that is the fact. I just try to be a normal person.

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