Geraldine Ekeocha. Dead?

By on September 5, 2011

Once again, the cold hands of death have come knocking again in Nollywood. Rumor has it that Geraldine Ekeocha, one of Nollywoods long time actress has been reported dead. While everybody wonders if it is actually true or just a rumor, it comes as a big blow just like it was with Sam Loco’s death making the rounds and people asking and wondering if he is really dead or not.

According to reports, the actress passed away just yesterday. With the death of Sam Loco still heavy in our heart, this is surely a shocker that nobody would have ever thought or wished for.

Report was not given on the actual cause of death, but it was reported that the actress has been batting with an illness.

With her remains having been deposited in the mortuary, the question on the lips of everyone now is…what is happening? Just barely a month ago we were faced with the death of  Sam Loco. And while his fans were wishing it was just a mere rumor, it was actually confirmed much to everybody’s grief as true.

I am sure a lot of us will be wishing it is just a rumor, but it is very sad that when it comes to death, death knows no compromise.

Geraldine Ekeocha has featured in well over a number of Nollywood movies. She is well respected, portrayed as a mother figure and carries out her roles in matching proportion.

While we pray ever more fervently, we join Nollywood once again in mourning.


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