Generator Fume Kills Family Of Four

By on August 2, 2014

The Ramadan festival turned tragic for a family of four in Igere-Ihunsa, near OPIC estate in Agbara area of Ogun State, when the community woke up to the stark reality that an entire household would not be part of the eid-el-fitri celebrations on Monday as they have all been wiped out overnight by the fume from their generator.

The deceased have been identified as Osho Sunday (38), who is the head of the family and a farmer too; Taiwo Osho, the wife who was 30, and two children, Daniel and Anu who were aged 10 and 7, respectively.

Narrating how the victims lost their lives, Osho’s second wife, popularly known as Mama Solo, explained that on Sunday night, it was the turn of the husband to sleep with the senior wife as was the practice within their household. She stated that in addition to the festive mood of Ramadan, it was a joyous moment in the family as the senior wife’s son, Daniel graduated from primary school on Saturday.

“NEPA (PHCN) took the light at about 9pm on Sunday and then my husband switched on the generator because I was staying at the boys quarter of the house so that he and the first wife and the children could enjoy their night rest,” she disclosed. She further told Saturday Sun that the generator was kept close to the door of the room where the deceased slept because it was a room self-contained apartment and the fear that it might rain in the night.

The widow said that at about 3 a.m, she woke up to call her husband on phone to inform him that public electricity supply had been restored so that he could switch over from the generator. She added that her husband did not pick his call till she slept off. At 4 a.m, she also said she called him and there was no response still, adding that she didn’t raise any alarm because she felt that he was probably tired and fast asleep.

“By morning, I started feeling confused because it was so unusual of my husband to be that sleepy and it was then I became suspicious and I went to the door and found out that the door wasn’t even opened and it was so hard to open. I immediately beckoned to his younger brother and others around and that was how we forced the door opened and found out that my husband and his first wife and two children were dead,” she stated. She added that she was still in shock as she could not comprehend what happened. “I can’t believe this is how people would just die suddenly, I have only heard this type of incident on TV and radio but I have not experienced it personally”, she said.

One of the elders of the community, John Isaac explained that the incident was one that has touched the spine of all members of the community. “Sunday Osho was a very hardworking man that was focused and dedicated to his trade. He showed what a man needed to be diligent. He was easy going and could not hurt a fly at all”, he stated, adding that the community, however, had something to be thankful for as the first child of the late farmer narrowly missed death “because she came around and wanted to sleep with them in the room but Sunday Osho resisted her and told her to go to her husband’s house to pass the night and that was how she narrowly missed death.”

Rev. Aina Ogunbiyi, another elder in the community, disclosed that the generator was too close to the room of the deceased and as such there was no ventilation with all the windows and doors locked to prevent the the generator noise from getting to them. “The generator that was being used by the family was not a even a tiger generator which is popularly known as I better pass my neighbour. It is a very big generator, with the exhaust facing the entrance of the room and since they were asleep, they didn’t even know, they just inhaled the fume and passed on in their sleep”, Rev Ogunbiyi added.

The younger brother to the deceased said he still spoke to his brother on Sunday and they had plans on how to go about their farming business only for him to be woken by the second wife who came to inform that she had not heard from her husband that morning. “This is a tragic death and I am still in great shock”, he added.

Meanwhile, the family of the first wife had already taken her corpse for burial in their village while Sunday and the two children have also been buried.



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