Funny Business Again With Nigerian Ballots

By on April 8, 2011
Funny Business Again With Nigerian Ballots

By Dr Gary K. Busch

In the last ten days a request has been made by INEC to fly 67 tons of Nigerian electoral ballot papers which are sitting in a warehouse off the major airport in Johannesburg. It has been ascertained that these materials are from the last election.

They were paid for earlier but never shipped. Over half of the money to ship these materials has disappeared so they might not get to Nigeria. In addition there are five twenty-foot containers of current materials in Lagos.

INEC has been getting quotes on moving them to Abuja by air. This morning INEC told the air companies that they had no money to move the materials to Abuja. How and when these materials will arrive in not known.

It sounds like a rerun of the Wuruwuru election of fame.

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