Charly Boy Writes Touching Article About Family

By on September 25, 2014

Evidently, the celebrity knows both the happiness of relationships within the family and the grief of loss. It would be recalled that Charly Boy has only recently lost his father, Justice Chukwudifu Oputa.

According to Nigeriafilms, in his new inspirational piece entitled “Family Ties” the entertainer speaks about the most important thing in  out lives.

He starts the article with speaking about the recent family meeting he held with his relatives and what they discussed during it.

“The other day I called a family meeting, in attendance was three of my daughters, two from the United states (Adaeze/Margaret) who have finished their master’s degree, looking for juicy employment, my eldest daughter Yvonne, who more or less runs my business. My first grandchild Olivia who is on vacation from school in Mauritius, my Mum, my last son Charles who runs his own fashion business and doesn’t live with me, my younger brothers daughter Nancy waiting to move in with her husband and my wife Lady Di. A house full of women, hummm. The main crux of the meeting was reinforcing their sense of responsibility as long as they remain in my house and how we need to enhance our bounding and the love we share by doing things that promotes a united family. In short God blessed me with a good family.”

Charly Boy proceeds with explaining that family is the root, the core, which gives growth to every person and nourishes one with love and support. According to the singer, in the modern times, which see constant break-ups, it is not so easy to maintain the strong ties.

“Family is something that we cannot do without, everyone existing originated from a family. The general expectation from family is love, help, togetherness. Family gives us a level of safety, whenever we are around them we feel safer. Family life is always stressful. It is difficult to keep your family together in a world where families are falling apart. Since my ‘Popsie’ passed on, it seems my responsibilities have quadrupled, as head of the family now, the load on my head is better imagined, but I carry it with pride. Kai! There is God.”

Then he develops the idea of a stable family, pointing out that problems and trials are meant to strengthen the relationships.

“The stresses and storms of life tear some families apart and make others stronger. We can learn from other families that stay united what ingredients make strong, happy homes that withstand the storms of life. Not everyone gets what they expect out of family, sometimes some people are born into torture, hate, want, and despair, and they never understand what it is like to be loved by a family. Thank God my loving family built/nurtured the tremendous confidence I possess as a person, because I don learn never to send anybody.”

Charly Boy, who recalls himself being a “stubborn” and “rebellious” child, reveals that no matter what, he had always cared about his family and feared to lose it.

“It meant so much to me and still do. It remains a part of me, it tells of where I am coming from, who I am and what I probably stand for. Yes, Family Rocks. I realized earlier in life that nothing is worth losing my family for.”

With the years passing by, the feeling became even stronger and he realized that the relatives are those people who will “be there by you no matter what”. He adds however, that one does not have to be your real relation “by blood” to become your family.

“Your family is that one who shares your pain, your doubt, your need, your love, your struggle. They are those who when you get messed up tell you, you f***ed up and then help you clean the mess. When you meet this kind of people, know that they are one family that will be there through it all. You were not born of the same blood but adversities have made you brothers. You share this great bond you can’t imagine it any other way. Sometimes you even think that you rather die for this one than your blood brother. Through the storms, the travails, the wars, you become inseparable, nothing can tear you apart because like true soldiers, you’ve been forged in the heat of war. In all, no matter how strong we want the world to see us, everyone craves for a little love, a little attention. Where we earnestly find this is where we find our family, wherever you get it is where you have to accept it. That is the world for you.”

Charly Boy reinstates the idea that family is first about love and not blood. If one has faced the inability to meet love in the real family, one still receives a chance to build the family, which would give one the appreciation.

“Your family might hate and despise you but someone else will love and cherish you, embrace it. Life is too short to feel pity for the rest of one’s life, everything is an opportunity, even having a good family is an opportunity. No one decided what family or race to be born to and inasmuch as we all expect the best, we all don’t get it. Never focus on that thing that isn’t working, put all your energies into the things that you desire and is present in another one. Blood ties is not family ties, it’s way beyond that way.”

This touching piece by Charly Boy follows the scandalous article which has recently caused a stir among the Nigerians, as the celebrity criticized both the country system and its residents and feared that Nigeria might be soon “wiped out from existence”.

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