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Topping the list of this week’s buzzworthy Is definitely Tiwa Savage’s racy video “wanted” which she released just a few days back. The video to say the least was Ehm quite sensual and even showcases Tiwa “touching” herself.

Now some celebrities and individuals have come to her aid saying what she did was “art” and apparently her husband was involved in the whole production.. Hmm well that goes to show the level of moral decay in this country, everybody wants to copy the Americans and all that but seems to forget that we are different; for instance, an american kid can refer to an 80-year old man by his name should we now start doing that just because we want to be western? Even at this year’s AMAA, Judging by all the female outfits at the event it was almost like the rule for the event was “no clevage, no entry” even our fatty celebs were trying to be sexy.. Lol but who I’m I to judge na?? Even Tonto Dikeh has joined the racy trend with her latest bathroom pictures posted on instagram, just keeps everyone wondering, where is our dignity?? This week also, an anonymous lady under the twitter handle @uyii attacked Yobo’s beautiful wife, Adaeze claiming she had slept with Yobo and that the man is a dog, like no shame at all allegedly sleeping with a married man and coming at about it to his wife??!! This generation is so messed up really. On a lighter note, Adaeze won the brawl when she ended her replies with a post of herself and her husband at the movies, together, Happy!!

In entertainment news making waves internationally, Kim kardashian Is Married! (Again, for like the third time now ), wasn’t it like yesterday we were wishing a Happy married life to herself and Kris?? But anyways this thing with Kanye seems genuine and he seems to be heard over heels for her so wishing them all d best and by the way Kim looked divine in her wedding dress

Still doesn’t beat what she wore for her wedding with Kris though, I still think her whole ensemble then was priceless oh and rumour has it (or rather not rumours cause I saw the pics) that Abisola-Kola Daisi, one of Oyo state Governor’s daughter was at attendance at Kim’s Wedding; Well, *clears throat* no comments but wait o hmmm anyways no comments lol, hope you’ll here next week for another Series of “BuzzWorthy” Ciao!

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