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Welcome to dis week’s buzz worthy weekly; sorry its coming late! A lot has been happening of late even in d entertainment scene and trust me to bring you the hottest of them all!
Hitting it off this week, Chioma Chukwuka recently posted some tweets and even a video of police officers allegedly assaulting her; she went on to ask if there was a state of emergency in Enugu to warrant an officer to want to stop and search her? See tweets below:

Ehmm well though I wasn’t there from the beginning I really don’t see anything wrong in a police officer doing a stop and search (although our Nigerian police can go too far sometimes sha) just because you’re a Nollywood celebrity doesn’t mean that the police cannot conduct a search on you even considering the state of the nation now nobody can be trusted.

In other news, Davido is now a graduate o.. Yaaay! He graduated from Babcock university on the 2nd of June this year 2014 and posted this pic below, I give a hearty congratulations to our “omo baba olowo 1” of the Nigerian entertainment industry

Speaking of the Nigerian entertainment industry, do you remember our popular gospel song “when Jesus says yes nobody can say no” ? Well Destiny’s Child (Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and Michelle) reunited to sing and even shoot a video for the song, who said Nigeria was a local champion eh?

Now I believe most of us know of Kourtney Kardashian (Kim Kardashians elder Sister), well guess what?? She’s pregnant again for like the third time now; Kourtney just keeps popping babies left and right its almost like she just sneezes and gets well a big congratulations to her and pls Kourtney this is your third baby with Scott getting married to him wouldn’t be such a bad idea yea?? 🙂 Anyway looking forward to another cute Kardashian baby.

Going nude seems to be the in thing now among our female celebs just recently Rihanna, nicki minaj and beyonce independently showed off their “assets” wide their very revealing outfits; check them out

Hmm maybe they should follow in the foot steps of Justin Bieber who just recently got baptized in a bathtub, don’t know why I find this so funny but maybe the idea of Justin Bieber going through Bible Classes and actually getting baptized by an actual pastor whoose name is Carl Lentz(Hillsong Pastor) by the way, just really cracks Me up!

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