Bisexual men in marriages – ladies opinion

By on June 1, 2014

I personally know a few men in this Lagos who are married but at the same time doing men. You will be shocked at who some of these men are. Now I’m thinking to myself if I know this dude is into men and I’m not that close to him, how in the world doesn’t his wife know? She lives with him!

And then, there are women who know and still marry these men…or find out after they’ve married the men and still stay in the relationship…and you wonder…why? Look at this profile above…found on a gay dating site.

What’s the number one reason why any woman would chose to be in a marriage with a bisexual man and even support his lifestyle?

I do not have a study report but the rate at which gay/bisexual men are getting married in this country either as a result of family pressure or just to live up to society norm is alarming. And yes, many of these women know and they chose to go along with it. Why? Would you marry a man who you know is bisexual? And if so, why?


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