A salute to Africans

By on July 18, 2011

A salute to Africans

By Idang Alibi

One of the main reasons why some Western leaders hate the Zimbabwean leader, President Robert Mugabe, with a passion and want him dead or out of power or both, is Mugabe’s resolute and principled opposition to homosexuality. At one point in his holy crusade against the domineering and hegemonic ways of the West, he once described homosexuals as’’ pigs’’ or by such other word which correctly expresses the universal African loathing for that sexual practise that is clearly condemned by all known holy books.

Western leaders have done everything fair and foul to sabotage the Zimbabwean economy so as to stir a rebellion that can bring Mugabe down. They seek every opportunity to demonise him and to portray him in the worst possible light. But this champion of African moral values and the need for Africans not to behave like quislings to the West has stood tall: he will not die or fall from power to gratify the number one desire of most Western leaders. May God continue to preserve his life and give him the courage to stand for what is right and to stand up to the West against its bad faith in relation to Zimbabwe and its patronising attitude towards Africans.

The West has been actively and shamelessly promoting homosexuality and wants everyone to embrace it. Those who resist this onslaught are either labelled uncultured or denounced as being dictatorial because they fail to realise that homosexuality is merely a sexual preference and not a sin and since, according to this line of reasoning, it is a ‘normal’ behaviour like anything else, some have a right to adopt this sexual orientation.

A year or two ago when President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda, another African leader who is unapologetically against homosexuality, was to visit the United States of America, he said he received a lot of calls from many leaders of that country, from Bill to Hillary Clinton, asking him to soften his opposition to that evil and that he should allow homosexuals in Uganda the right to express their ‘preference’.

In this roll call of honour of those who are standing up against the spread of this great evil of our time, is the Anglican Church in Africa, led by Nigeria. Many Nigerian Anglican Bishops have rightly become famous because of their determined opposition to the ordination of women priests and gay clerics. At the Lambeth Conference of the Anglican Communion you will be sure to hear dissenting opinion from the Bishops in Africa to Western stance on issues that are clearly unbiblical. It is gratifying to me that it is mostly Africans who are saving that church and the church as a whole from going the way of perdition.

For a man like my humble self who worries himself so much because I think we Africans are not contributing much to world civilisation, it is something of joy and of immense pride that for once, we Africans are leading in an area of human life and civilisation that is the most crucial: the spiritual. In spite of every trick in the rule books to bend our will to succumb to the plague of sexual immorality released from the West, we have remained unbending.

Sometime last year, a group of misguided Nigerians who have imbibed hook, line and sinker toxic Western notion of human right to do as one pleases, carried some placards and demonstrated at the National Assembly asking for gay rights. From where did the inspiration and the money to stage this public show of shame come? You know as well as I where it came. I am however very pleased that for once some Nigerians with the righteous indignation of the Lord Jesus Christ chasing money-changers away from the Temple premises, scattered those misguided compatriots in all directions and urged them to go to Chicago the gay capital of the world or to somewhere else to carry out their demand for gay rights.

We the moral majority in Africa have a responsibility not to allow even a toe-hold for evil from the West or anywhere else for that matter to thrive. We may be poor and miserable but we must not lose our sense of what is right and what is wrong. The West may be materially more prosperous than us. It gives us aid. It makes a public show of caring and showing concern for us when we come to grief for our many, largely self-inflicted troubles of death, debt and diseases. Yet, from the way the West is carrying on, it has nothing to teach us in terms of right and wrong. Westerners may have brought Christianity to Africa but they have since abandoned it and taken to the ways of occultism or Satan worship.

We Africans must seek to live out the symbolism contained in the Biblical account of Matthew 27:32 when those who were taking Jesus Christ for crucifixion compelled a man, Simon of Cyrene (a Black man) to carry Jesus’ cross. This is a symbolic handing over of the responsibility of preaching and re-evangelising the world to the Black man. Some persons who lack the understanding complain that while in Europe and America churches are turning to factories, in Africa factories are turning to churches. They say so just because they do not just understand the significance of things.

It is not just by chance that some of the leading preachers and evangelists in the world today are black men and from especially Nigeria. I have also been told that a Black man leads prayers in one of the leading mosques in Saudi Arabia.

I am tempted to think that our society is not set for destruction by God yet that is why God has given us such abundant grace to resist the onslaught by the West to railroad everybody in the world into embracing the abomination called homosexuality in particular and sexual license as a whole. If not, how come that this Africa which is so weak that its will is usually easily bent to embrace every fad from the West no matter how outrageous and no matter how contrary it is to our cherished belies, has been able to stand firm against homosexuality?


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  1. Florence Ogbodo

    September 7, 2011 at 11:23 AM

    These are all signs of the end time,and the Biblical prophecy “…and the first shall be the last,and the last shall be the first” is coming to pass.May God help us to continue to uphold our culture and moral values as Africans.

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