37 Year Old Engineer Crushed to Death by a Lift on the First Day at Work

By on June 25, 2014

A 37 year old engineer has been crushed to death by a lift after he fell down an elevator shaft on his first day in a new job. He had only been working in Queens House, in Hull city centre, for a few hours when he plummeted 10 metres down the shaft and was crushed by the lift.


Horrified employees were ushered out of the offices when the whole building began to shake – caused by the stuck lift starting to vibrate.

One of the man’s colleagues, whose name was withheld, said: ‘It was absolutely horrific.

‘It was his first day in a new job and I spoke to him a bit in the morning. He seemed like a nice man
I went up to see if he was all right at one point but he wasn’t there. I just thought he had gone for his lunch break.

‘Not long after that the building started to shudder and shake.
It was hard to know what was happening, so we evacuated the building as soon as possible. It soon turned out the vibrating was coming from the lift being stuck.

‘People are very upset. It was a freak accident.’

Humberside Police confirmed that they were investigating the death of the man, who has not been named, but is believed to be from Doncaster and 37 years old.

A Humberside Police spokesman said: ‘An investigation has been launched following the death of a man in Hull.

The man is thought to have been working in an area around the lifts of Queens House, on Paragon Street.

‘His familyhas been informed and are being helped by specially trained officers.

‘Police are working with Hull City Council to establish the circumstances.’

More than a dozen emergency vehicles were called to the city centre building shortly before 4pm on Monday afternoon.
Firefighters with cutting equipment entered the building as members of the public gathered to see what was happening.

Crime scene investigators spent several hours in the building.

A police presence remained on site until yesterday morning.

A worker in a shop, close to where the man’s body was found, in Queens House, said: ‘There was a very strong vibration inside the building. I thought the air conditioning had broken at first but then realised it was too loud for that and it was practically right above my head. It was concerning.

‘It didn’t go on for too long before the alarms were sounding and we were all being evacuated from the shops.

‘Every shop was evacuated and there were lots of us out on the street. The fire brigade was called and they eventually told us we could go back to work.

‘Knowing somebody has died is terrible news.’

Queens House is made up of offices above city shops, with various occupants.

Hull City Council is leading the investigation into the death, not the HSE, but the building is not owned by the local authority.





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