10 Reasons Ibinabo Fiberesima Is Unfit For AGN President-Clarion Chukwura

By on June 5, 2014

Actress, Clarion Chukwura and Actor’s Guild of Nigeria (AGN)’s president, Ibinabo Fiberesima had been on logger heads since the latter became the president of the said organization. Ibinabo Fiberesima, the AGN President dissed Clarion Chukwurah for accusing her of using “her position to grab a political appointment in President Goodluck Jonathan’s cabinet.

In a press statement issued by Ibinabo in reaction to the allegation, she said Clarion was being hysterical and picking cheap points in her attempt to destabilize the AGN. Clarion has however fired back in a recent interview with the Punch, calling Ibinabo an ex-convict.

  1. I find that she is deliberately misleading the public and wanting to push the issues at stake under the table with her so-called open letter. Item ‘U’ of the electoral guideline of AGN disqualified her.
  2. She was convicted for manslaughter and she was given a jail sentence which she served. There is a court injunction stopping Ibinabo from parading herself as the AGN president.
  3. No convicted person can stand for election in any post.
  4. Manslaughter has no option of fine.
  5. Her sentence was reduced from seven years to five years and we all know she went to jail.
  6. There is proof that she drove recklessly and caused the death of Dr. Sura Giwa contrary to the road traffic laws of Lagos State. She was drunk. How could this person be the face of AGN?
  7. The criminal conviction of manslaughter was sent to the presidency. The President is supposed to be a symbol of the supremacy of the rule of law. He disregarded the law in recognising Ibinabo as president of AGN. The president is now saying there is no law in this country.
  8. Some actors have even explained to me why they followed her. They said they were taken there on a fraudulent arrangement for her to use and get what she wanted. I have the data of every government house she has been to. No single chapter has seen a dime for running the guild.
  9. She went to Ondo State and she was given N500,000. What chapter did she inaugurate in Ondo State? The guild wasn’t set up to go begging from one state government to another.
  10. In 1989 when she was running Pyramid Club in Lagos, she was 22. How could she say 25 years later that she is just turning 40?


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