Steven Gerald makes a Liverpool fan cry while taking a selfie with her

By on August 5, 2014

Most fans are happy when meeting their favourite players, but it was all too much for one Liverpool fan as an encounter with Steven Gerrard left her in tears.

The Liverpool captain was signing autographs while on tour in the US and after posing for a selfie with the supporter she became hysterical, told him ‘I love you’ and then burst in to tears.

Gerrard then tried to sign autographs for other people but the girl insisted he sign her ‘Steven Gerrard’ phone as well, at which point she completely lost it.

Her companion did at least see the funny side as they smiled and tried to take her away.

The 34-year-old has history of making fans cry – something similar happened last year on the club’s tour of Asia.

An Indonesian girl wept on camera after Liverpool captain Gerrard walked past her in a hotel lobby.


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