Port Harcourt bomb scare: Nollywood actress Hilda Dokubo under threats

By on March 22, 2011

For raising the alarm over alleged bomb threat on a flight, a Nollywood actress, Hilda Dokubo, is under threats not to talk about the incident any more.

It was also learnt that the Port Harcourt bomb threat message man was again arrested aboard another flight in Enugu yesterday, which was about to take off.

The suspect, Chukwuka Edwin Nwokoro, was arrested in a five-star hotel in Abuja following a bomb alert message on Wednesday, which aborted the Lagos bound flight from Port Harcourt.

Although he regained freedom from the custody of the State Security Services (SSS) on Thursday, the Nollywood actress who raised the alarm had been under threats.

Investigation by The Nation showed that some people have been calling the actress to stop talking about the incident because the suspect hails from a ‘highly respected family.’

It was learnt that some of the callers had been querying the actress why she decided to embarrass the family. They also accused her of seeking cheap publicity from the alert.

But Hilda Dokubo, who spoke with our correspondent on the phone in Abuja yesterday, said: “I want these people to leave me alone. They should stop threatening me.”

She said: “They have been telling me that the parents of the man are influential and I should not talk any more about the text message. They accused me of embarrassing the family. They said he has mental fit and I should not add insult to injury.

“Yet, I did not know this man before. I have no reason to blackmail him or his family. I went innocently to the airport to board the flight to Lagos from Port Harcourt when Chukwuka Edwin Nwokoro called to alert me of a bomb allegedly planted in the aircraft.

“What else could I have done than to tell the crew? I did this in the interest of the country and to save lives. It was not for any publicity sake. I am not out to embarrass Nwokoro’s family.

“I have never met the guy. I have no relationship with him and I did not know how he got my number and how he knew I was one of the passengers on board and ordered me out of the plane.

“If I had wanted to be selfish, I would have just walked out of the plane quietly. But I thought of many innocent souls on board and raised the alarm. Now, they are harassing me that I had talked too much because the guy is from an influential family and he had a challenge. How would I have known all these as an innocent passenger?

“The incident happened on Wednesday, but since the story was published on Thursday, some of these people have been asking me to stop talking about it.

“Nigerians should tell those calling me to leave me alone. And I do not want any harm to be done to me.”

At press time, it was learnt that the man, who had been let off the hook by the State Security Service (SSS), was found inside another plane in Enugu yesterday.

Although he was said to be mentally unstable, there was anxiety on the ‘real’ mission of the suspect who was arrested on Wednesday in a presidential suite in a five-star hotel in Abuja.

He was then re-arrested by the SSS and interrogated, but he was said to have been released to his father later.

The SSS had described the bomb threat aboard the flight as a hoax.

The agency said Nwokoro admitted that he sent the panic text to a Nollywood actress, Hilda Dokubo, based on a vision from God.

The SSS, which made its position known in a statement in Abuja by its Assistant Director, Public Affairs, Merrylyn Ogar (msi), asked Nigerians not to panic at all.

It maintained that the nation’s airspace is safe.

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