My vision for Rivers State –Julius Agwu

By on August 17, 2014

Lately there have been reports that you are gunning for Governor of Rivers State. Is it true?

Yes it is true and ever since that story broke I have been receiving calls and getting text messages from people. Even on social media, people have been telling me to just stick with comedy. They think it’s just another joke from me but it’s not. I mean to contest in 2015. I am above 40, to be precise I am 41 and I doubt if those who go for governorship have two heads. I think it’s high time youths realise they need to be part of the change that they so much desire and that’s exactly what I am doing.

For how long have you been nur­turing this ambition?

It’s been on for a very long time but I was a bit sceptical whether the time was right or not. However, after consulting with my people and the subsequent pres­sure they mounted on me, I finally took the bait to contest. The governor, Chi­buike Rotimi Ameachi is from my ethic group; he’s Ikwere like I am and he has done a good work for the people of Rivers State. I am here to continue the good work he has started. As a matter of fact, I don’t want anybody to come and make a mess of his achievement so I want to continue and be able to build on his achievement.

You are from the same ethnic group with Governor Ameachi. Is that not a treat to your ambition regarding the principle of rotation?

It’s not. Governorship is not rotational. There is no such thing in the Nigerian constitution; everybody, anybody has a right to contest.

We don’t know you as a card bearer of any party…

That is the mystery. A lot of people have been asking that under what plat­form am I running and all that. What I say to them is that they should wait, we will unveil the party very soon (laughs). For now I am concentrating on my UK tour.

Politics is a dirty game and you have managed to build yourself a good name and a formidable brand. Are you not scared this could mar your name?

I don’t intend to play any dirty politics; that’s the truth about it. As you pointed out I have got a good reputation and a lot of people ask if I am ready to swim in this murky waters. That’s why I need your prayers.

What’s your vision for your state?

Like I told you, Governor Ameachi has done well and I don’t want someone to come and make a mess  of his legacy. We know how politics in Nigeria goes. Once an opposition party wins, they crush every good work the former governor has done rather than building on the existing lega­cies and achievement of the past adminis­tration and creating jobs for the youths.

Like you said earlier, you and the incumbent governor are from the same state and he is known to be close to you. Don’t you think it would come to him as one of those Julius’s expensive jokes?

Let’s see how expensive this joke gets. I do not want to say certain things for now. With my level of clout and popularity I believe I stand a chance.


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